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There are many LGBTQ identified Heads of State or government that figure prominently throughout history.

Due to various norms, practices and restrictions, many of the historical individuals did not necessarily publicly identify during their lifetime as lesbian, gay or bisexual. Nevertheless, qualified historians generally agree today on their sexual orientation and behaviour. The most prominent opposition to self-identification has been religious norms - religious leaders and institutions have been sources of opposition for power, and certainly a charge of sodomy was used as a means to diminish the power and respect of an opponent throughout history.

Times have changed in many parts of the world. The contemporary individuals in this list are open and comfortable with their sexual orientation. The first contemporary LGBTQ identified Head of State was Johanna Siguroardottir of Iceland. The most recent individual is Xavier Bettel of Luxembourg.

In many cases, LGBTQ Royal heads of state are classified as bisexual. This is because the continuing of the family's reign requires an offspring, and such can only be obtained through a religious sanctioned marriage. These 'marriages of convenience', however, were superseded in the history books by their actual same-sex attractions. With respect to Royal courts, current law does not provide any clear direction on heirs when it comes to same-sex rulers. Of course, elected heads of state do not face this family-succession issue.

We have identified a number of individuals as LGBTQ Heads of State or government from Rome, Portugal, China, Macedonia, Luxembourg, United States, Great Britain, Sicily, Spain, Sweden, Uganda, Norway, Prussia, Bavaria, South Africa, Belgium, and Iceland. To see the list and read their fascinating biographies CLICK HERE

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