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* [[Transgender Academics]]
* [[Transgender Academics]]
* [[LGBTQ Academics in Sexuality Studies]]
* [[LGBTQ Academics in Sexuality Studies]]
* [[Notable Transgender Writers]]
==Further Reading/Research==
==Further Reading/Research==

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C. Riley Snorton


United States

Birth - Death



Notable Achievements

Lambda Literary Award


Transgender Associate Professor, African Studies and Research Center, Cornell University. Expertise include cultural theory, queer and transgender theory and history, Africana studies, performance studies, and popular culture. Author of the books 'Black on Both Sides' (2017, Lambda Literary Award) which examines the overlapping histories of blackness and trans identity from the nineteenth century to the present day, and 'Nobody Is Supposed to Know: Black Sexuality on the Down Low' (2014), which traces the emergence and circulation of the down low in news and popular culture. Has been listed as one of "Ten Transgender People You Should Know" by BET.

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Further Reading/Research

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