Chamber of Commerce LGBTQ Leaders

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LGBTQ Chambers of Commerce (COC) are membership organizations consisting of companies and management from LGBTQ owned business enterprises. They exist to represent their membership in areas as diverse as trade and taxation, to employment issues and government lobbying. They also certify organizations as LGBTQ-owned businesses. These COCs are formed at the municipal, regional, national and international levels.

Many LGBTQ Chambers partner with high profile companies around the world. They also hold awards dinners to recognize LGBTQ leaders in business, and hold conferences to inform their members of opportunities in their marketplace. By conducting economic research, they help ensure their membership is attuned to opportunities to grow their business.

As such, these LGBTQ organizations are critical to the support and presence of LGBTQ individuals and their companies around the world. It has been argued that LGBTQ individuals and businesses have, on average, higher disposable incomes and profitability than non-LGBTQ. Their COCs can represent them well in an effort to include and grow them in their communities.

One of the most innovative programs today for local LGBTQ Chambers of Commerce is diversity in government sourcing contracts. Many governments have adopted diversity in their administrative agendas and they are now being encouraged to follow up with mandatory diversity policies for any company submitting service and supply contract bids. It is believed this will both support LGBTQ owned business and advance the adoption of diversity policies in business.

We have identified the following notable LGBTQ individuals involved in Chambers of Commerce around the world. Simply click on their names to read their fascinating biographies.






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