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* [[LGBTQ Jazz]]
* [[LGBTQ Jazz]]
* [[LGBTQ Record and Video Music Producers]]
* [[LGBTQ Record and Video Music Producers]]
* [[Prominent Biographers Who are LGBTQ]]
* [[Popular LGBTQ Blog Writers and Their Blogs]]
==Further Reading/Research==
==Further Reading/Research==

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Chris Albertson



Birth - Death

1931 -



Notable Achievements

Grammy Award


Author, journalist, record producer, and chronicler of the jazz industry. Host of 'The Jazz Set' on television station Public Broadcasting System. Recipient of two Grammy Awards (1971 - Best Album Notes; 1971 - Trustee's Award). Noted for his biography of Bessie Smith, 'Bessie' (1972) which received numerous awards. Contributing editor for Stereo Review magazine for twenty-eight years. Writes a blog, Jazz Lives.

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Further Reading/Research

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