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* [[Aaron Devor]], University of Victoria
* [[Aaron Devor]], University of Victoria
* [[Maureen Fitzgerald]], University of Toronto
* [[Maureen Fitzgerald]], University of Toronto
* [[Sarah Kaplan]], University of Toronto
* [[Mariana Valverde]], University of Toronto
* [[Mariana Valverde]], University of Toronto

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Sexuality Studies is composed of academic research programs into the role sexuality plays in the economic, cultural, artistic, political, technology, social and literary worlds. In this context, sexuality broadly includes aspects of race, gender, age, nationality, disability, religion, and more. It brings theory and observation related to sexuality into the conversation with research in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. Sexuality research encompasses both sex and sexual health.

The goal of Sexuality Studies is to provide context in how sexuality impacts work, creativity, and social conditions in both the national and international world. Its purpose is to question assumptions on this impact and provide more pragmatic insight based on extensive academic research.

The intersection of these aspects of sexuality with the inter-disciplinary professional world is the subject of courses, research and theses. Much of this work looks at the social relations of power in a variety of cultural and historical contexts, practices, and texts. Many of the Sexuality Studies programs are affiliated with centres that include feminist, queer and gender studies.

It is natural that LGBTQ academics are prominent in the field of Sexuality Studies. As LGBTQ issues have risen in prominence in society, gender and sexuality have become central to the analysis rather than peripheral, and much of this increased focus has been due to the extensive research and commentary produced by these academics.

The Sexuality Studies Association (SSA) is a multi- and interdisciplinary association for scholars, artists, activists and other community members, who have an interest in the teaching and study of sex, sexuality and gender diversity.

We have identified the following LGBTQ academics who are prominent in the field of Sexuality Studies. Simply click on their names to reveal their fascinating biographies.







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