LGBTQ Architects

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LGBTQ Architects

There are many LGBTQ Architects around the world who have made notable contributions to the design and building of iconic buildings and homes. Each has used their own personal design elements and style to create memorable architectural wonders. Many have applied their architecture skills to other artistic endeavors, such as painting and furniture design.

Louis Sullivan, a gay American architect, is often referred to as the 'Father of Skyscrapers' and the 'Father of Modernism'.

Many global architectural organizations include groups of LGBTQ architects. For example, the American Institute of Architects sponsors an annual diversity conference focusing on the links between gender, sexuality, and cultural experience, and the British 'Architectural Journal' recently completed a survey of the UK's LGBTQ architects. What is interesting is that the latter survey showed architects being comfortable with being out at the workplace but not so in relation to their clients and at the construction site.

These architects hail from countries as diverse as Brazil, Canada, Great Britain, Mexico, the United States, Cypress, and Germany.

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