LGBTQ Chief Legal, Compliance and Risk Officers

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A company's Chief Legal Counsel is responsible for all legal matters pertaining to the business and operations of the company. Compliance Officers ensure that the company follows all regulatory rules and requirements, whereas the Risk Officer supervises a company's operations to ensure the risks it takes are within the objectives and capabilities of its financial and management. These roles all ensure the proper functioning of the company for its stakeholders - its shareholders, employees, and clients.

Each must have an extensive knowledge of the company to do their job properly. They must be aware of the potential risks and threats to the organization. Each is responsible for providing valid business solutions to existing and potential problems. They must ensure an alignment between the company’s business model and goals with the external environment and risks, suggesting innovative business solutions, mitigating risk, and ensuring legal efficiency. They are strategic business partners in the organization.

There are a number of companies that have LGBTQ employees in these important oversight positions. They are equally occupied by men and women of the community. Most have attained high educational qualifications and respect within their profession.

We have identified the following individuals from the LGBTQ community who are Chief Legal, Compliance and Risk Officers. Simply click on their names to reveal their fascinating biographies.

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