LGBTQ Cyclists

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LGBTQ Cycling

A number of sports have been in the news lately for athletes who are coming out as LGBTQ - basketball, football, soccer, swimming, diving, tennis, and more. Analysts see this as a progressive move for the acceptance of LGBTQs in society.

An absent sport in this line-up is cycling. This is curious because there is no shortage of popular LGBTQ cycling clubs in regions around the world. Do a Google search using the words 'LGBTQ Cycling' and a plethora of local cycling clubs comes up.

We have been able to identify only a few international cyclists who self-identify as LGBTQ. These individuals have achieved notable results in their sports. One is a world champion, all or national champions in their respective countries, and all have been ground-breaking for acceptance of LGBTQ individuals in their sport.

Follow the links below for stories that analyze why cycling as a sport remains a laggard for the identity, and acceptance, of LGBTQ individuals in the sport of cycling.

Further Reading/Research

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