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* [[Teachers of Creative Writing Who Identify as LGBTQ]]
* [[Teachers of Creative Writing Who Identify as LGBTQ]]
* [[Government Ministers of Education and Schools Who Are LGBTQ]]
* [[Government Ministers of Education and Schools Who Are LGBTQ]]
* [[Prominent LGBTQ Academic Deans]]
==Further Reading/Research==
==Further Reading/Research==

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LGBTQ Leaders in Higher Education

Education is a critical component to a tolerant, accepting, and developed world for the LGBTQ community, as it is for society as a whole. The leaders in higher education are important participants to achieving acceptance of diversity. They encourage gay academics to aspire to positions of leadership and push educational institutions to include issues of sexual diversity in their policies and programs.

This is most noticeable in advanced western democracies. The pursuit is more challenging in developing and less liberal countries because many of them view schools of higher education, and their concept of freedom of expression combined with teacher tenure, to be anathema to their centralized and rigid system of government.

We have identified a number of LGBTQ leaders in higher educational institutions around the world. In the United States, the group LGBTQ Presidents in Higher Education has been formed as an interest group to advance the discussion of LGBTQ issues in the field.

Many universities and colleges around the world have incorporated programs which examine issues of sexual diversity across a broad spectrum of disciplines. These include law, medicine, social work, literature and poetry, business studies, sociology, theatre and film studies, and so on. The success of these programs depends materially on the support of the leadership of the educational institution.

Much needs to be done, but these LGBTQ leaders are tremendous advocates and leaders for diversity.


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Further Reading/Research

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