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* [[Shawn Stinson]]
* [[Shawn Stinson]]
* [[Shaun T]]
* [[Shaun T]]
* [[Mark A. Turnipseed]]
* [[Jackie Warner]]
* [[Jackie Warner]]
* [[Davey Wavey]]
* [[Davey Wavey]]

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Personal Trainers and Lifestyle Coaches

The personal training industry is a huge global industry in the developed world. Its rise in public presence has coincided with tremendous advances in communications, social media, health and welfare advice, and general concerns about personal lifestyle and longevity of life.

For a community that is often focused on looks, health and aging, there is no surprise that the LGBTQ presence in this industry is widespread. Many companies and individuals offer these services in their local communities. There is extensive training certification and professional development programs in the industry, though there are no standardized and formal certification programs that are mandatory to the the use of the designation.

Many successful and high profile LGBTQ personal trainers have gone on to star in television shows centered on fitness and lifestyle. This often leads to in-home media tools (such as dvds and YouTube videos). The fitness and lifestyle book publishing industry is very large and international. As a result of these developments, many of the high profile LGBTQ personal trainers have become media celebrities.

A professional association of lifestyle coaches in the United States has been created specifically for the LGBTQ community – Gay Coaches Alliance. Its aim is to provide support to members in living lives which promote a new generation of leadership as well as promote new cultural shifts and changes. It does this through collaborative coaching, sharing of tools & skills, co-creation of events that grow the members’ abilities and competencies in providing coaching advice.

Certainly, one of the objectives of LGBTQ lifestyle coaching is to foster a sense of comfort and acceptance about an individual’s identity in all of its forms. The goal is to improve confidence, creativity, contentment and productivity of the individual so that he/she can perform well in social, business and private environments. Having a lifestyle coach to guide the individual through the process of coming out to family, friends and the work community has been very beneficial to many individuals.

Similarly, personal trainers perform the same function in terms of physical health and wellness. Training is intended to reduce stress, which are often at high levels during challenging times such as coming out or dating.

We have identified the following notable LGBTQ personal trainers and lifestyle coaches. Simply click on their names to find their biographies and links to stories and videos:



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