LGBTQ Travel and Tourist Operators and Promoters

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Global travel and tourism is one of the top business industries in the world. With advances in technology and travel, the world has become a smaller place and there are many more opportunities for learning about other countries and travelling to them.

The travel and tourism industry pioneered the potential of developing a niche LGBTQ marketplace for its services. A 2016 study with responses from 661 service providers in 90 countries revealed an estimated annual global spending for travel by the LGBTQ community at $202 billion. As a result, boutique hotels, airlines, and travel companies which cater specifically to the community have been created and have thrived. These include the travel companies Olivia and Alyson Adventures, along with hotels Joie de Vivre, Axel, Kimpton Hotels, Neemrana, and The Out.

Nevertheless, some mistakes are routinely made in the industry. Stereotyping, focussing on only one segment of the community, or relying on sexual imagery are some of the errors that are routinely made in travel marketing and promotion.

The International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) was founded in 1938 by a group of 25 LGBTQ travel agents and hotel owners to connect the community and support it in providing advice on safe and welcome places to travel in the world. IGLTA now has offices and members around the world in 80 countries and offers complete travel packages, conferences and trade shows, events for the community, and support for LGBTQ travel providers. The organization provides annual awards to recognize those individuals and companies that excel in their service to the LGBTQ community.

Many LGTBQ individuals are travel consultants and/or bloggers that are widely known and respected for their advice. Others are founders or senior executives in major airlines around the world (Quantas, Monarch Airlines, and Lufthansa). Some are government ministers with responsibility for travel and tourism promotion in their countries.

We have identified LGBTQ individuals in the travel and tourist industry from Argentina, The Czech Republic, Nepal, Spain, Finland, Australia, the United States, Colombia, Great Britain, Canada, India, Tasmania, South Africa, Ireland, and Switzerland. Simply click on their names to read their fascinating biographies: