Past Guest Commentary/Opinion Articles

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You can access all past Guest Commentary/Opinion articles by following the links below:

  • Why Kids With Same-Sex Parents Aren't Different From Other Kids, January 2017 Read more.
  • Exhibition: Third Gender: Beautiful Youths in Japanese Prints, June 2016 Read more.
  • Reverend Brent Hawkes' LGBTQ TEDx Talk, Reverend Brent Hawkes, Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto, January 2016 Read More.
  • Summer Book Club 2015 - Recommended Reading, Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies, June 2015 Read more.
  • Dead Ends and Discoveries - The Search for our LGBT Ancestors, Victor Salvo, Founder and Executive Director of the Legacy Project - Chicago, January 2015 Read more.
  • Ten LGBT Films We're Excited to See at the 2014 Toronto Film Festival, Peter Knegt, Senior Editor, Indiwire, September 2014 Read more.
  • The Unfinished Battle for LGBT Equality, John Maguire, Interview with Peter Tatchell, June 2014 Read more.
  • Church: Stumbling Block or Stepping Stone?, Cap Kaylor, UNIVERSITY QUAKERS MEETING @ ST. JOHN'S EPISCOPAL, March 2014 Read more.
  • HEROIC AUTHENTICITY - Why Do We Need Gay Athletes As Role Models?, Kristan Burley, January 2014 Read more.
  • Coming Out Difficult At Any Age, Mainers Say, Mary Pols, The Portland Press Herald, November 2013 Read more.
  • In a Spirit of Friendship, Solidarity and Fair Play, Gordon Dunbar and Duy Q. Ngo, June 2013 Read more.