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Podcasts are periodic digital presentations which listeners can download via the internet and listen to at any time. In many respects, they are like radio shows (with the presenter and guests mimicking radio DJs and hosts) and hence can be characterized as disruptive to that traditional business. They are becoming more and more popular with listeners as they become more widely available. Podcasts are a means for individuals to communicate their ideas and talents to a wide audience of individuals interested in niche topics and looking for specific commentary or presentation on a topic.

Most podcasts are free, but many of the most popular are on a subscription basis where shows are automatically downloaded to the subscriber. There are many subject matters for podcasts with the most popular being political commentary, comedy, and current affairs. Internet radio providers, who rely on paying subscribers, have sprung up to stream in-house produced podcasts sorted by subject matter.

An individual who is an expert on a particular subject matter, or who has a well-regarded reputation in their field, tends to attract the most subscribers. There are many such LGBTQ individuals whose podcasts are widely followed and anticipated. Keen listeners are always looking for the newest and most innovative podcasts to share with their networks, and popularity can spring up overnight. There are numerous columnists offering advice on the top LGBTQ podcasts to listen to, and many online commentary sites and traditional magazines are expanding their offerings by producing regular podcasts for subscribers.

At the moment, most of the popular LGBTQ presenters are located in the english-speaking world. We have identified the following popular LGBTQ podcast producers and hosts. Simply click on their name to read their fascinating stories.


Great Britain

  • Lisa Egan, Where's The Benefit - disabilities
  • Ellen Jones, Never Read the Comments - commentary
  • Amy Lame, HomoLab - culture and current affairs


United States

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