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* [[LGBTQ Bankers]]
* [[LGBTQ Bankers]]
* [[Prominent LGBTQ Philanthropists and Donors]]
* [[Prominent LGBTQ Philanthropists and Donors]]
* [[Software Programmers and Developers From the LGBTQ Community]]
==Further Reading/Research==
==Further Reading/Research==

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R. Martin Chavez


United States

Birth - Death

1964 -




Global Head of the Securities Division, Goldman Sachs. Former Vice-Chairman, Goldman Sachs. Formed the LGBTQ Network at Goldman Sachs. Former trustee and major donor of the Foundation for AIDS Research. Formerly Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, prior to which he was Chief Information Officer (2014-2017). Co-founder of Quorum Software Systems and Kiodex. Also known as Marty Chavez.

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Further Reading/Research

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