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* [[LGBTQ Writers and Illustrators of Comic Books]]
* [[LGBTQ Writers and Illustrators of Comic Books]]
* [[Popular LGBTQ Podcast Producers and Hosts]]
==Further Reading/Research==
==Further Reading/Research==

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Sarah Mirk


United States

Birth - Death


Writer, Academic


Social justice-focused writer and comic book illustrator. Contributing editor at graphic journalism website The Nib since 2017, where she writes and edits nonfiction comics about history, politics, and identity, and also works as a writer on The Nib's animation series. Author of the books 'Sex from Scratch: Making Your Own Relationship Rules' (2014) and 'Open Earth' (2018). Online editor of national feminism and pop culture nonprofit Bitch Media and host of the engaging feminist podcast Popaganda (2013-2017). Adjunct professor in Portland State University’s MFA program in Art and Social Practice, where she teaches a graduate seminar on writing and research.

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Further Reading/Research

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