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* [[Transgender Activists]]
* [[Transgender Activists]]
* [[Reality Television and the LGBTQ Community]]
* [[Reality Television and the LGBTQ Community]]
* [[Notable Transgender Writers]]
==Further Reading/Research==
==Further Reading/Research==

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Tiq Milan


United States

Birth - Death


Fashion, Activist, Journalist


Transgender male model and activist for the community. Former music reviewer for magazines. Appeared in the reality television show 'I'm From Rolling Stone'. Participated in various campaigns from the Live Out Loud's Homecoming Project, LGBT Funders' Men and Boys of Color Initiative, and honored as a Spirit Day Ambassador with GLAAD. National spokesperson for GLAAD and the former senior media strategist of national news at GLAAD. Documented his transition in the GLAAD-Award nominated documentary, U People and Realness. Co-chair for the LGBT Taskforce of the National Association of Black Journalists, Advisory Committee member of advocacy organization, Gender Proud, and Programming Subcommittee at Hetrick-Martin Institute.

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Further Reading/Research