Tommaso Campanella

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Tommaso Campanella



Birth - Death

1568 - 1639




Poet, philosopher. Jailed for heresy when he opposed the theory of Aristotle in his attempt to define humanism using Catholic theology; arrested and charged with sodomy in 1593. Wrote most of his important works while jailed in Spain from 1599-1626 after a trial found him guilty of conspiring against the Spanish rulers. After his release, he was again forced into exile, this time in France under the protection of Louis XIII. Books include Philosophia sensibus demonstrata (1592), The Monarchy of Spain (1600), Political Aphorisms (1601), Atheismus triumphatus (1605–1607), Quod reminiscetur (1606), Metaphysica (1609–1623), Theologia (1613–1624), and his most famous work, The City of the Sun (1602).

Further Reading/Research

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