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* [[Mayor]]
* [[Mayor]]
* [[Justice of the Peace, Magistrates, and District Court Judges Who Are LGBTQ]]
==Further Reading/Research==
==Further Reading/Research==

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Tony Briffa



Birth - Death

1971 -



Notable Achievements



Former Mayor of Hobsons Bay, Victoria (2011-2012) located near Melbourne. Councilor (until 2014) and Deputy Mayor. Bail Justice and Justice of the Peace. The world's first Intersex mayor and elected individual. Vice-President of Organisation Intersex International Australia. Biologically born with both male and female physical attributes (known as Partial Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (PAIS)), he has identified as a male, female, and Intersex during his life. The law still does not assign a sex to him.

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Further Reading/Research