Top Television News Anchors Who Identify as LGBTQ

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer television newscasters have a prominent profile in many countries around the world. As the face of daily newscasts and commentaries, they play a role in conveying integrity, reliability, diversity, and comfort in a tumultuous world of news and events. This list of individuals is often seen at the forefront of breaking news on a daily basis, and they reflect the presence of the community itself in society. So while the number of LGBTQ individuals in the media is important, how they are conveyed to the public is equally important - the authority of a newscaster seen on a regular basis instills an aura of tolerance and acceptance of the broad range of sexual identity.

Many of the daily stories they cover reference the LGBTQ community and its issues. In many cases these are the headline stories. Media plays an important part in conveying an understanding of the role sexuality plays in our daily lives. Though not specifically tasked with the mandate, the presence of these individuals in the news industry helps to foster fair and accurate coverage of LGBTQ issues around the world.

Of particular note is the transgender presence in this professional field. Included among these are American Eden Lane of PBS, India Willoughby of the UK's ITV network, Pakistan's Marvia Malik of Kohenoor News, and India's Padmini Prakash of Lotus News. Ireland's Jonathan Rachel of RTE is a well-known gender fluid newscaster who presents in both his male or female persona.

Many of these individuals are activists within the LGBTQ community. American Charles Perez of ABC News is one to particularly note - he published his book 'Confessions of a Gay News Anchorman' (2011) after his ordeal of being fired from a position in Florida when he was identified as being gay.

Several supporting LGBTQ news organizations have been formed as action groups for this professional community. For example, in France, there is L'association des journalistes LGBT, and in America there is the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association.

This list does not include the many commentators, journalists, reporters, contributors, bloggers, editors and others in the media industry who identify as LGBTQ and also contribute to news coverage of the community. The media industry itself plays a fascinating role in the overall history of the LGBTQ human rights movement around the world.

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