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* [[Mayor]]
* [[Mayor]]
* [[LGBTQ Presence at the United Nations]]
* [[LGBTQ Individuals at the United Nations]]
==Further Reading/Research==
==Further Reading/Research==

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Claudia Lopez



Birth - Death

1970 -



Notable Achievements



Elected Mayor of Bogota (2019) as an Allianza Verde party member, being the first female and first lesbian mayor in the country to be elected. Former Senator as a member of the Green Alliance Party (2014-2018), prior to which she acted as a consultant to the United Nations. Noted as a former investigative columnist for Semana, El Tiempo, and La Silla Vacía. Unsuccessfully ran for President of Colombia in 2016. Married to Senator Angelica Lozano Correa. Also known as Claudia Lopez Hernandez.

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Further Reading/Research

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