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* [[Outstanding LGBTQ Youths of 2018]]
* [[Outstanding LGBTQ Youths of 2018]]
* [[Popular LGBTQ Podcast Producers and Hosts]]
==Further Reading/Research==
==Further Reading/Research==

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Ellen Jones


Great Britain

Birth - Death

1999 -


Activist, Entertainment


LGBTQ YouTube activist. Recipient of the first MTV Europe Music Awards (EMA) Generational Change award (2018). Campaigns for LGBTQ rights, mental health and disability. Stonewall named her its Young Campaigner of The Year (2017) after running successful campaigns tackling LGBTQ+ inequality in schools and online. Uses her YouTube channel to launch an online LGBTQ+ book club, multiple educational videos and a series called Queeries. Has her own podcast called Never Read The Comments. ​

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Further Reading/Research

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