Gordon Dunbar

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Gordon Dunbar



Birth - Death


Academic, Activist


Teacher, Advocate, Community and Union Activist and Researcher in the fields of Anti-bullying Education, AIDS/HIV and Hepatitis C Education and LGBTQI Sport Equality. Researcher, the Ontario HIV Treatment Network, National Educational Advisor Hepatitis C Society of Canada. Author and lead researcher of 'Social Acceptance of LGBTQ Youth and The Athletic Popularity Syndrome', co-writer on 'SAFE@SCHOOL', Ontario Ministry of Education. Director of The Gay Lesbian International Sport Association (GLISA), Founding Leadership Team Member and former co-chair of Pride House Toronto for the 2015 Pan Para American Games. Co-author of QueerBio.com’s inaugural Guest Commentary 'Sochi Olympics Pride House, In a Spirit of Friendship, Solidarity and Fair Play'.

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