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* [[LGBTQ Explorers and Adventurers]]
* [[LGBTQ Explorers and Adventurers]]
* [[Competitive Swimmers Who Are LGBTQ]]
* [[Competitive Swimmers Who Are LGBTQ]]
* [[LGBTQ Travel Writers]]
==Further Reading/Research==
==Further Reading/Research==

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Richard Halliburton


United States

Birth - Death

1900 - 1939




Famous for his wild adventures, including swimming the entire length of the Panama Canal. Author, travel writer and master of publicity. Attempted to sail the Pacific in a Chinese Junk, but disappeared at sea. His adventures included hanging out with the French Foreign Legion, spending a night atop the Great Pyramid, riding an elephant through the Alps a la Hannibal, playing Robinson Crusoe on his own desert island, retracing the path of Odysseus, meeting pirates and headhunters, and buying a two-seater airplane he named the Flying Carpet and flying off to Timbuktu. He swam the Nile, the Panama Canal, the Grand Canal of Venice, and the reflecting pool at the Taj Mahal. Books include 'The Royal Road to Romance' (1925), 'The Glorious Adventure' and 'New Worlds to Conquer'.

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Further Reading/Research

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