Transgender Business Leaders

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One of the biggest challenges for minority individuals, whether based on sexual identity or other factor, who are attempting to make it in business is confronting existing paradigms and structures. In the business profession, those tend to revolve around male dominance and control. This situation forces the individual to either consent and adapt to that system, or confront it and try to make changes to it to allow more diversity and participation by all.

Transgender individuals face this challenge on several fronts. There are a multitude of biases and stereotypes they must face in the business world.

Many successful transgender business people state that a principal reason for their success has been their ability to live their lives genuinely. They argue that they got into a business which allowed them to be themselves, whether amongst fellow employees, customers, or simply on their own. They have been able to successfully harmonize their private life and their business life. To do otherwise would have been very challenging and mentally exhausting.

In large organizations, having a supportive HR department with appropriate policies on issues of diversity is imperative. A recent survey revealed that 90 per cent of transgender individuals experience harassment or discrimination at work, forcing them to hide their identity

The transgender individuals who are successful in business have been able to overcome this situation. This success, in turn, has translated into confidence and comfort with their position and who they are. They are role models for other transgender individuals in business. To read their fascinating biographies, simply click on their names.



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  • Christa Muth, Management Professor and Management Consultant

United States

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