Transgender Politicians

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On the front lines of LGBTQ activism when it comes to transgender rights and recognition, transgender politicians are important members of the community. Often these individuals have been the first LGBTQ elected candidates in their country.

It is notable that transgender politicians are located in many countries around the world. What is particularly notable is their presence in many smaller and less-developed countries. Often, these countries are hostile to LGBTQ rights (often based on religious belief) yet they have elected or appointed transgender individuals to public political office. It is equally interesting to note the large number of transgender politicians active in politics at the local community level - an indication of the greater acceptance based on their contribution to local issues.

Each of the transgender politicians we have identified is (or has been) active leaders within their local LGBTQ communities. They have been involved as activist, lawyers, business people, in education, or the advancement of minority rights.

We have been able to identify transgender politicians from France, Italy, Chile, Peru, India, the Philippines, Germany, Malaysia, Belgium, New Zealand, Canada, Thailand, the United States, Venezuela, Poland, Uruguay, Japan, Sri Lanka, Japan, Cuba, and Great Britain. Simply click on their names to read their fascinating biographies:

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