Christian Singers Who Identify as LGBTQ

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Upon first thought, the notion of being Christian and an out LGBTQ singer or entertainer is a contradiction in terms. However, there are several high profile Christian singers who have recently publicly revealed their same-sex attractions, such as Australia's Jennifer Knapp or American Trey Pearson.

This remains a challenge and struggle for this genre of inspirational music. The reaction to these public statements has been mixed within the community. Many of the early singers who came out were immediately sidelined within their religious community, and this effectively diminished or terminated their professional careers. Notable among these was Marsha Stevens and Ray Boltz.

Other past LGBTQ Christian singers have remained in the closet during their lifetime, but subsequent events and biographies have revealed their sexual orientation. Notable among these is the legendary gospel singer James Cleveland, recipient of four Grammy Awards and nicknamed the 'King of Gospel'. Cleveland died of AIDS in 1991.

The Gospel church and homosexuality has reportedly had a long inter-twining relationship. LGBTQ individuals have apparently found refuge in gospel churches, and the subject matter of the music appeals to those suffering from marginalization, discrimination and abuse - all reflective of the experience of many queer individuals.

Other music genres with LGBTQ Christian singers include folk, pop, country and western, and rock.

We have identified the following LGBTQ Christian singers who identify as LGBTQ. Simply click on their name to read their fascinating biographies.



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