Donna Red Wing

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Donna Red Wing


United States

Birth - Death

1951 - 2018




Executive Director, One Iowa (supporters of full equality for LGBT individuals living in Iowa through grassroots efforts and education). Former Executive Director of Grassroots Leadership and as Chief of Staff at Interfaith Alliance, Walter Cronkite’s organization in Washington, D.C. One of three members of President Obama’s kitchen cabinet on LGBT concerns and was politician Howard Dean’s outreach liaison to the LGBT communities. Red Wing has also held leadership positions at the Gill Foundation, the Human Rights Campaign and the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. While directing the Lesbian Community Project in Oregon, Red Wing was featured in a Sundance Award-winning film about the 1992 struggle against the anti-gay Ballot Measure 9. Red Wing was the first recipient of the Walter Cronkite Award for Faith & Freedom.

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