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Dustin Lance Black


United States

Birth - Death

1974 -



Notable Achievements

Academy Award


Dustin Lance Black is an American screenwriter, director, film and television producer, and LGBT rights activists. In 2000, he wrote and directed The Journey of Jared Price, a gay romance film, and Something Close to Heaven, a gay coming-of-age short film. In 2001, he directed and was subject in the documentary On the Bus about a road trip and adventure taken by six gay men. Raise as Mormon, he was hired as the only such writer on the HBO drama series Big Love about a polygamist family. Dustin has been active in speaking out about discrimination in the Mormon Church and making it more LGBT-inclusive. Having witnessed the AIDS crisis in the early 1990s, Dustin felt compelled to write a move screenplay based on the life of San Francisco city councilor Harvey Milk, an effort that resulted in his Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay in the 2008 movie Milk. In all of these and many other endeavours, Dustin Lance Black has excelled at educating and inspiring a young generation to become activists in a grassroots way around issues of sexual diversity. He has received much personal recognition for his outstanding achievements, including the Writers Guild of America's Paul Selwin Civil Rights Award in 2009 to the member whose script best embodies the spirit of constitutional and civil rights and liberties. Bonham Centre Award Winner (2011). Author of his memoir 'Mama's Boy: A Story From Our Americas' (2019). Married to Olympic diver Tom Daley with whom he has a son, Robbie.

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