Gabriela Mistral

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Gabriela Mistral



Birth - Death

1898 - 1957



Notable Achievements

Nobel Prize


Pseudonym for Lucila Godoy y Alcayaga, a noted poet and teacher, who became a legend of international stature and matriarchal figure in Latin America. Feminist icon. First Latin American to win Nobel prize, 1945. Lived in exile for most of her life (France, United States, Brazil) due to her popularity. Some of Mistral's best known poems include Piececitos de Niño, Balada, Todas Íbamos a ser Reinas, La Oración de la Maestra, El Ángel Guardián, Decálogo del Artista and La Flor del Aire. She wrote and published some 800 essays in magazines and newspapers. Chilean consul in Naples, Madrid, and Lisbon. Often called the 'Mother of the Nation'.

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