George Whitmore

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George Whitmore


United States

Birth - Death

1946 - 1989


Writer, Playwright, Poet


Playwright and author of gay fiction and member of The Violet Quill, the Gay Academic Union and the Gay Men's Health Crisis. Wrote two books of poetry, three plays, and three novels. Wrote for The New York Times Magazine, the New York Native, and Christopher Street. Novels include 'The Confessions of Danny Slocum' (1980), 'Deep Dish' (1980-1982), and 'Nebraska' (1987). Plays include 'The Caseworker' (1976), 'Flight-The Legacy' (1979), and 'The Rights' (1980). Author of the book 'Someone Was Here: Profiles in the AIDS Epidemic' (1988). Contributing editor and literary critic at The Advocate from (1974-1976). Died of AIDS.

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