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* [[Community Experts on LGBTQ Housing and Ageing Issues]]
* [[Community Experts on LGBTQ Housing and Ageing Issues]]
* [[First Out Elected Politicians]]
* [[First Out Elected Politicians]]
* [[School Teachers, Researchers and Education Staff Who Identify as LGBTQ]]
==Further Reading/Research==
==Further Reading/Research==

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Kathleen Wynne



Birth - Death

1953 -



Notable Achievements

Premier, Government Minister


Former Premier of the province of Ontario (since 2012, re-elected with a majority government in 2014, and served until 2018) and Liberal Party Member of Provincial Parliament representing the riding of Don Valley West in Toronto, Canada until 2020. First female and openly gay Premier of a Canadian province. Began her political career as a School Trustee in 2000, and was elected in a provincial election in 2003 as a Liberal Party member. Became Minister of Education, and subsequently Minister of Transportation, Municipal Affairs and Housing, and Aboriginal Affairs. Succeeded to the leadership of the provincial Liberal Party in 2012 when her predecessor Premier Dalton McGuinty resigned, which placed her as the Premier of the Province. Re-elected with a majority government in 2014.

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Further Reading/Research

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