Community Experts on LGBTQ Housing and Ageing Issues

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Two prominent topics within the LGBTQ community today are those of ageing and housing. While both issues have their distinct characteristics and challenges, they also overlap and share several common issues. These include concerns such as discrimination, homelessness, and health.

There has been significant research published on both issues in the past few years and this has raised their profile around the world. This research has encouraged local activists to step up their work to address the concerns. This focus mirrors changes in society itself, where the population is ageing and housing is becoming less affordable for the average individual.

Many LGBTQ individuals within the community play an active role in both housing and ageing issues. Some are politicians and government ministers whose remit includes these areas. Others are with activist organizations such: as SAGE and Aging With Pride in the United States; Egale in Canada; or Stonewall Housing, the Albert Kennedy Trust, and HouseProud in Great Britain. Several high profile celebrities have made these issues their point of focus, including television actor Robert Gant and interior designer Todd Oldham.

We have identified the following LGBTQ individuals who are active on issues of LGBTQ housing and ageing. Simply click on their names to read more about their fascinating biographies.





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