Kristina Johnson

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Kristina Johnson


United States

Birth - Death

1957 -


Business, Academic, Engineer


President of Ohio State University (2020-2023) and Chancellor of State University of New York (2017-2020). Board Observer at ColdQuanta. Research areas include the development of optoelectronic processing systems, 3-D imaging, and color-management systems. Former Senior Vice-President and Provost of Johns Hopkins University (2007). Appointed as the Under Secretary of Energy for Energy and Environment at the United States Department of Energy (2009). Founder of Enduring Hydro, a hydropower-focused energy firm. Member of the National Academy of Engineering since 2017. Board member of Cisco Systems, Minerals Technologies Inc., Nortel, Guidant Corporation, AES Corporation, and Boston Scientific. Also known as Kristina M. Johnson.

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