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The sports world historically does not have a great reputation when it comes to LGBTQ acceptance and tolerance. However, the sport of Tennis stands out as one which has forged its own fascinating and unique history with several LGBTQ players and stories.

Recently, the US Tennis Association created its first-ever tournament with divisions specifically for same-sex couples.

Many of the LGBTQ Tennis stories are not that well known. We need to change that!

To be sure, there is still much progress to be made. Tennis stars such as Martina Navratilova and sports analysts have recently contributed some constructive insights into the course of LGBTQ recognition in the sport (see 'Further Research/Reading' below). Nevertheless, significant milestones have been made by a number of LGBTQ tennis greats. For example, do you know:

  • which gay tennis player is considered the greatest male tennis player of all time (winning the US Open a record 7 times, and a career winning percentage of 94%), was nicknamed 'the Oscar Wilde of the tennis world', but was barred from professional tennis when it was revealed he was gay?
  • which lesbian tennis player is noted for winning 'the battle of the sexes' which lead to the path-breaking groundwork for the Women's Professional Tennis Association?
  • which gay Wimbledon Champion, who followed this with a successful career designing women's tennis clothes, was revealed as a British Intelligence spy after his death?
  • who was the first professional tennis player to come out as gay?
  • which former professional lesbian tennis player was a partner for 27 years to the first woman in space, lesbian Sally Ride, with the two of them co-authoring several children's educational books?
  • who was the first transgender professional tennis player?
  • which current lesbian tennis player holds the record for playing in consecutive US Open tennis tournaments (25 successive tournaments)?

In 2015, the United States Tennis Association appointed the first gay man in its history as Chief Umpire for that year's U.S. Open Tennis Tournament - Bruce Littrell..

Past and present LGBTQ Tennis players span the globe: South Africa, Spain, Australia, United States, Paraguay, Denmark, Greece, Jamaica, Czech Republic, France, Israel, Great Britain, Thailand, and Puerto Rico.

These are fascinating stories that everyone should know. Read on to find the answers.



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