Louie Bennett

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Louie Bennett



Birth - Death

1870 - 1956


Activist, Politician, Writer


Irish nationalist, unionist, suffragette, and writer. Notable books include 'The Proving of Priscilla' (1902) and 'A Prisoner of His Word' (1908). Organising Secretary of the Irish section in the Union of Democratic Control (UDC, 1915). Took over management of the Irish Citizen, a feminist suffragette publication (1920). Member, executive committee of the Labour Party (1922-1931, 1944-1950). Elected as the first woman president of the Irish Trade Union Congress (1932). Founded the Irish Women's Suffrage Federation and the Irish Women's Reform League (1910); founded the Irish Women's International League (1914); reorganized the Irish Women Workers' Union (IWWU, 1916); served as IWWU vice-president (1917); and served as IWWU general secretary (1919–55). Partner was fellow activist Helen Chenevix.

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