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Matt McTighe


United States

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Director of Everytown for Gun Safety, founded by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, since 2017. Former executive director of the national LGBT organization Freedom for All Americans (2015-2017).

Former Gill Action team, Marriage Project Director. Former Campaign Manager for 'Mainers United for Marriage', which successfully managed the pro-Gay referendum to approve LGBTQ marriage rights in the state of Maine in 2012. A veteran of more than a dozen candidate and LGBT issue campaigns, he served as Public Education Director for Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD), overseeing all of GLAD's marriage work in Maine before being named campaign manager. Matt previously served as Political Director for MassEquality, where he oversaw the operation of a successful statewide lobbying, public education and field campaign to protect marriage equality in Massachusetts.

Prior to his work at MassEquality, Matt spent three years working with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), where he served as the lead advocate for repeal of the discriminatory "don't ask, don't tell" policy, fought for immigration equality and was part of the team that helped defeat the federal marriage amendment. He has also served as a government relations advocate and political strategist for some of the country’s leading trade associations and labor unions, taking frequent leaves of absence to work on political campaigns throughout New England.

Has a degree in journalism from George Washington University and started his career covering politics in the political unit of CBS News.

Active in the community in his hometown of York, Maine where he serves as a volunteer firefighter for the town and was recently named Firefighter of the Year. He is an avid hockey player and lifelong Bruins fan.

Currently Campaign Manager for the election of Democratic US Representative Mike Michaud for the Governor of Maine in 2014.

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