Michel Tremblay

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Michel Tremblay



Birth - Death

1942 -



Notable Achievements

Governor General's Award

Officier de l'Order de France


Novelist and playwright. Multiple awards, including Governor General's Award for the Performing Arts, appointed Officier de l'Ordre de France in 1991, and in the same year, Chevalier de l'Ordre National du Québec. Important author of both feminist and homosexual works, notably novels (The Duchess and the Commoner, La nuit des princes charmants, Le Coeur découvert, Le Coeur éclaté) and plays (Hosanna, La duchesse de Langeais, Fragments de mensonges inutiles). Has chronicled the changes in provincial Quebec society from one dominated by the Catholic Church to its fight for sovereignty and independence, a move which he supports. Refused the award of Order of Canada in 1990 based on his separatist leanings.

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