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Creative cooking is a favourite past-time of many in the LGBTQ community. There is certainly plenty of LGBTQ authors of popular cookbooks to aid in this passion.

Indeed, there is even a defined genre of LGBTQ cooking that can be broken down into the community's components. According to American creative ambassador Simon Doonan, gay food is lighter, brighter, more artistic, art-directed food that comes from the intersection of health and aesthetics. Lesbian food, according to Doonan, is more organic and fullsome, including flavourful olive oils, thick porridge, and wheat germ. The author goes so far as assigning a Kinsey scale number to various food items and dishes to determine where they stand in the spectrum of sexual fluidity (see Further Reading below).

Generalizations aside, there is no doubt that consumers are attracted to the recipes and food being put out by LGBTQ cookbook authors. Many of these authors are popular television cooking show hosts. Others are recipe testers, social media stars, or restaurant owners.

We have identified the following individuals as popular cookbook authors who identify as LGBTQ. Click on their names to read their fascinating biographies.



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