Public Relations Experts From the LGBTQ Community

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With the rights and respect of the LGBTQ community under increasing opposition, experts in the field of Public Relations have never been a more important asset to the community. Receptive, friendly, engaging, authoritative, and supportive communicators and representatives to counter the barrage of mis-information and hostility directed toward it is greatly needed at this time.

Public Relations can be a champion for the LGBTQ community. PR experts create a positive, sustainable, and realistic image of the LGBTQ community. They develop media messages, campaigns, and other promotional material to accurately convey the characteristics of the group. Their principle goal is to shape public perception and increase awareness of the community's activities and goals. An effective Public Relations individual is a good listener, communicator, and implementer of strategy. PR experts are good at storytelling and placing the LGBTQ community into the story.

Public Relations experts are also adept at managing a crisis situation to its ultimate resolution.

Having an out LGBTQ individual in the Public Relations role is critical when managing the profile of the community. Authenticity in the messaging and presentation makes a huge difference on impact and acceptance. While it has been one profession that embraced the LGBTQ community and celebrated diversity very early, there remains a dearth of representation in the profession, especially of lesbians and transgender individuals.

We have identified the following members of the LGBTQ community who are experts in the Public Relations profession.





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