Rikki Beadle-Blair

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Rikke Beadle Blair


Great Britain

Birth - Death

1961 -




Filmmaker, writer, director, choreographer. Artistic director of multi-media production company Team Angelica. Noted for his radio documentary 'Roots of Homophobia' (2002) and the film 'Stonewall'. Recently has directed three successful feature films for his company Team Angelica: "Fit" about teenage sexuality and homophobic bullying which was distributed to every school in the UK and has become a phenomenon with screenings world-wide and "KickOff" a comedy about a football match between a gay and straight football team; along with several more short films, including "Gently", "7 Dials", "Thrive", "Alive", and "Butterfly" commissioned by the Royal Albert Hall. among many other films, plays, and other material.

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