Robert Duncan

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Robert Duncan


United States

Birth - Death

1919 - 1988




Poet and writer. Author of the landmark essay 'The Homosexual in Society' (1944). His idiosyncratic poetics drew on myth, occultism, religion and innovative writing practices such as projective verse and composition by field. Books of poetry include 'Heavenly City Earthly City' (1947), 'The Opening of the Field' (1960), 'Roots and Branches' (1964), 'A Book of Resemblances' (1966), 'Bending the Bow' (1968), and, after a 15-year publishing hiatus, the influential volumes 'Ground Work I: Before the War' (1984) and 'Ground Work II: In the Dark' (1987). His 'Selected Poems' (1993) was published posthumously. Partnered with artist Jess Collins, whose relationship is detailed in the biography 'The Householders: Robert Duncan and Jess' (2019).

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