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Tatiana Ferguson



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Since arriving in Toronto from the Bahamas in 2014, Tatiana Ferguson has worked as a sexual health educator, group facilitator, and advocate for trans and queer BIPOC. Her work fosters safer, accessible, and inclusive spaces for LGBTQ2S+ POC and she supports queer and trans newcomers, refugees and asylum seekers in Canada. Furthermore, she supported the development of the City of Toronto’s Toronto for All campaign that centered Trans Youth of Color during Pride 2017 and helped to start a dialogue about Gender Identity and Race. As an experience facilitator, project coordinator, and guest speaker, Ferguson has worked with numerous organizations in Ontario and thoroughout Canada including Black CAP, The 519, Planned Parenthood, Sherbourne Health Centre, Canadian Council for Refugees, Queen West Community Health Centre and Fierte Montreal. Ferguson was also a participant and facilitator with Supporting Our Youth’s Human Rights Equity and Access Team (HEAT) which provided an opportunity to connect with other young activist and harness her public speaking and leadership skills. She also co-created the Perception support group for newcomers, refugees and asylum seekers at EGALE Youth Outreach, and managed the Black Queer Youth stage at Pride Toronto 2016. Most notably, she has worked with various administrative bodies including The City of Toronto, the provincal and federal government and the Ontario Human Rights Code on the inclusion of Gender Identity and Expression in public policy. In 2016 she was awarded LGBT Youthline Award for outstanding achievements in queer activism. Ferguson currently works as the project coordinator of TransFormed Project at METRAC, which seeks to address partner violence from Two-spirit, Non-binary and Trans perspectives and with the Black Queer Youth Collective on the Domino Project at Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centre, providing black LGBTQ2S+ youth with a safe, supportive, experiential learning environment to develop life skills to thrive. Recipient of a 2019 Bonham Centre Awards.

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