The LGBTQ Food and Farming Community

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The food and farming community consists of the farmers themselves, along with government ministers, advocates, critics and commentators.

According to a study on queer farmers (see Wiley link below), queer people are largely ignored as potential farmers by the sustainable agriculture and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer movements, and the profession has embedded discrimination in terms of farmer recruitment, retention, and land acquisition. However, those who are in the field state that they face less discrimination once in the profession than they anticipated, though there remains issues of isolation and loneliness for many LGBTQ farmers.

The Queer Farmer Film Project in the United States looks at the experiences of queer farmers across the country and asks – what does it mean to be a queer farmer, is agriculture a safe space for queer people, and what are the relationships between food production and queerness? A segment on the BBC show Countryfile investigated the high suicide rates among gay farmers in that country – and the stigma that is still rife in rural communities.

Gay Farmer Helpline in the U.K. has been created to offer help and advice to farmers. In the United States, the Cultivating Change Foundation has been established to advocate, work on education, and support the LGBTQ farming community - they have a regular conference that attracts many.



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  • Gerda Verberg, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Minister of Agriculture

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