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Xiaogang Wei



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Film producer and director; theatre actor. Notable for the co-production of “Living Positive” (docudrama on HIV/AIDS, Isolda Morillo, 2005) and “I Want to Grow Old in China”(documentary, Smoke Signal Projects, 2008). Presented his HIV/AIDS film 'Old Testament' at the 2003 Berlin Film Festival. Founder of the website 'Queer Comrades' which showcases short films (Comrade in China is another word for homosexual). Organizing member of the Beijing Queer Film Festival and a board member of the Beijing LGBT Centre. Consultant for UNICEF. Teacher. Organizes a gay summer camp for youth all over China and participated as a counselor, offering activities such as group discussions, role play, and using artwork to help self-expression. Conducts a public workshop, 'Drama Queens', for theatre actors in Beijing. Hosts the series 'Queer As Folk Beijing'.

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