Yvette Flunder

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Bishop Yvette Flunder


United States

Birth - Death




Founder of the City of Refuge, United Church of Christ, in San Francisco. Founder of 'The Fellowship', an international group of Christian leaders promoting inclusivity that she serves as presiding bishop. Trustee and Adjunct Professor at Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley California. Served as past President of the Board of Directors for the Northern California Nevada Conference of the United Church of Christ, as a Board Member of the Shanti Project, as Chair of the San Francisco Inter-religious Coalition on AIDS, Chair of the Black Adoption Placement and Research Center, Founding member of the African American Interfaith Alliance on AIDS, Member of the Alameda County Ryan White Consortium, a member of the San Francisco HIV/AIDS Planning and Prevention Council, a consultant to the Congressional Black Caucus Health Brain Trust, and as a Member of the California Ryan White Working Group. LGBTQ activist.

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