Art and Culture Critics Who Identify as LGBTQ

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Critics influence the way society observes and understands what goes on within that society by judging the merits of the activity or product based on their professional opinion. Their respected commentaries are active participants in the discourse about what is happening, why, how, and who is participating in the activity.

Influential art critics often help determine what makes art good and appreciated. They can alter the way we look at and appreciate art by providing insight into its composition, realism, beauty, and decoration. These tastes and appreciations can change over time and hence are worthy of study and discourse. Similarly, culture critics comment on the interaction between arts, entertainment, and the social milieu with the issues, politics, tastes, and behaviour of the day. They attempt to discover why a certain kind of aesthetic product is more valued than others. Both use the medium of journalism to express their viewpoints and are populated by educated or experienced professionals and academics within their areas of expertise.

There are many prominent art and culture critics who identify as LGBTQ. They bring their own personal experiences and insight to their work, often aided by an acute sense of judgement on cause and effect in the arts and culture that comes from their own heightened sense of the aesthetic.

LGBTQ critics matter because the LGBTQ community matters. The interpretation of art and culture affects social movements, society's reaction to them, and the influence they have on everyday life. LGBTQ art and culture critics contribute to the debate and help shape the character of society - when a specific artistic or cultural medium is met with thoughtful and engaging criticism, it gains depth and traction and helps shape the social milieu. The LGBTQ community thus becomes an impactful participant in the life of the community with respected authority on the subject matter.

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