Prominent Art and Book Dealers Who Are LGBTQ

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Art and book dealers are intermediaries selling the work of artists and authors to buyers and helping to establish a market for their work. Both have a long history as a profession, and each has extensive knowledge and expertise in valuation, consumer tastes, historical context, and marketing.

Art dealers tend to focus on representing the works of a small number of artists with a particular style of art or geographic location, such as portraiture, landscapes, or impressionism, and French or Dutch painters. In contrast, most book dealers stock a vast range of authors, though they can limit their stock to authors from a particular community - for example, LGBTQ authors or women authors only. An antiquarian is a dealer in rare and antique books.

There are many notable LGBTQ authors and artists who seek out a dealer to represent and market their work. Having a relationship with a fellow LGBTQ individual can often be the result. The relationship strengthens the quality of the work of both artists and authors and helps to build the reputations and credibility of each. The relationship creates visibility by providing speaking tours, exhibitions, engagements, and other revenue streams. Many of the well-known LGBTQ artists and authors would not have succeeded without their relationship with a dealer.

We have been able to identify the following prominent art and book dealers from the LGBTQ community.





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