Prominent Biographers Who are LGBTQ

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Biographers are individuals who write an account of another individual's life. The subject of the biography is generally a person of accomplishment or who deserves recognition for the unique aspects of their life, whereas the purpose of the biography is to inform the public about these circumstances and provide historical context for future reference, human knowledge and understanding.

Completing a biography is a complex task involving considerable research. The profession faces a particular challenge in today's age of instant gratification and the reduced attention span of readers.

There are many notable LGBTQ individuals, both historical and contemporary (as evidenced by itself), so one should expect an ample supply of biographies detailing their lives. There is a growing call for biographies of LGBTQ individuals which are appropriate for use by children and teens to educate them about the community.

A number of LGBTQ biographers, such as Charlotte Wolff of Germany, have focused their research and writing on the LGBTQ community. Many contemporary biographers, such as William Mann, have become notable for their writing of the life stories of celebrities and movie stars.

Several of the individuals in this list have received prominent recognition for their work, such as the Pulitzer Prize.

There is no specific industry group representing LGBTQ biographers, though there is the Biographers International Organization to represent biographers as a whole. Its activities include informing biographers on the craft of biography, by providing guidance on matters related to the researching, writing, and publishing of biography; helping them deal effectively with resources, subjects, technology, agents, editors, and publishers; encouraging public interest in and appreciation for biography; and conducting conferences, public discussion groups, and mentoring.

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