LGBTQ Writers and Illustrators of Comic Books

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Writers and illustrators of comic books are multi-talented individuals who both tell a story and illustrate it.

Many comic book writers and illustrators who identify as LGBTQ use that identity in the production of their work. This can be by way of cartoon fantasy (depicting a tolerant and accepting world, for example). It can also be as a means of entertainment for the LGBTQ community. Some artists have used the medium as a form of activism on several issues. Others contribute their artwork to writers of novels or magazine articles. Several have had a significant impact on the creation of LGBTQ characters in mainstream comics, such as DC Comics or Marvel Comics. In Japan, the art of comic book illustrating is known as manga, and gay Gengoroh Tagame is the most prominent contemporary illustrator in the country.

Several LGBTQ comic book artists and writers are household names. They are recipients of awards in the industry, including Lambda Literary Awards and specialized comic book awards including Eisner Awards. A number of these individuals are academics at educational institutions that specialize in the arts. Several are popular novelists that began their career in the comic book industry.

It is difficult for many independent comic book writers and artist to make a living. As such, they often rely on ancillary sales of merchandise, prints, or freelance work.

A community of LGBTQ comic book aficionados has been created with the website GayLeague. Here you can catch up on LGBTQ comic book news and events and communicate with the international community associated with the profession.

We have identified the following individuals as LGBTQ writers and illustrators of comic books. They hail from Great Britain, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Netherlands, the United States, Belgium, Puerto Rico, Germany, Brazil and Finland. Simply click on their names to read their fascinating biographies and see samples of their work.






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