LGBTQ Individuals Active in the Digital World

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The advances and uses of technology over the past fifty years has been astounding. Without doubt, the Technology Revolution is a change to society and its operations that matches the inventions of fire, steam, and electricity and follows on the Industrial Revolution that began in the late 19th century.

Part of the Technology Revolution has been the development of processes that function using discrete digits. The Digital World is its composition and includes those individuals and entities active in developing and promoting digital fluency and digital literacy in today's society. The Digital World includes areas of technological development, communications, devices, and the internet.

Technology, however, does not operate without a human touch. It helps us become smarter and more connected, but we must also look at how to stay human amidst the machines and how to make those machines work for society.

Members of the Digital World include individuals involved in marketing, journalism, education, publishing, venture capitalism, politics, web development, broadcasting, consulting, business, and more.

We have identified the following prominent LGBTQ individuals who are active in the Digital World.




  • Clement Beaune, adviser to the Minister of the Economy, Industry and the Digital Sector


  • Katrin Suder, Chair of the Digital Council of the Federal Government

Great Britain

New Zealand




The Netherlands

United States

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